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arc-energie, michel larroche

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AF - arc-energy in French
AE - arc-energy in English


EF - equi-energy in French
EE - equi-energy in English

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a transdisciplinary therapeutic approach of cellulare analysis and reinformation©.

Start - home page with an overview of recent articles

Infos - collection of articles and information

Présentation - general information about Analysis and Cellular Reinformation in Therapy

Training - training for therapists

Method - basics of how arc-therapy works and the technical device


Address book - joint address book for the three partner organisations

Documentation - information, downloads, articles and useful links

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Official site of the non-profit organisation  équi-énergie arc-énergie onbl - dedicated to

  • the support of transdisciplinary resarch
  • the free develoment of transcultural creativity
  • the defense of human freedom in the choice of therapies
  • the development of energetic therapies for horses
  • the reinforcement of responsible interactions between man, animals and the environment